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Standing Start For Startups & New Businesses



Standing Start is for those businesses who have nothing in place at all.

We will get all the core components in place that is required to generate leads effectively with Lead Engine v2.0.


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Frequently Asked Questions

The Engine is put together with a number of components to deliver you profitable leads.

There will be least 1 campaign per month utilising the Lead Engine – testing and optimising along every step of the way to generate leads that provide a return on investment.

An excellent question and one we could answer in this FAQ.

As part of the Lead Engine v2.0 setup we will analyse your business, products and services and determine what the life time value (LTV) of your customer is. With this information and your agreed marketing budget we’ll be able to determine what we should be aiming for in terms of cost per lead. This will give us the amount of leads we’ll be able to generate.

All of them. Whether it’s B2B or B2C.
Lead Engine v2.0 is on minimum 12 months contract. This is so that we can configure your Lead Engine to be as effective as possible.

All lead generation activities will require consent before any personal data is received and communicated to – following the latest GDPR regulations.

Yes we offer a 30 day money back guarantee (excluding any ad spend) if we can’t generate you any leads or if you are not satisfied with any aspect of the Lead Engine v2.0 product.