3 Ways That A Messenger Bot Can Help With Lead Generation

The modern world of social media is vast. This fact is evident to anyone who frequents the internet. A large percentage of the world’s population have a presence online, and this is especially true when we think about Facebook, and it’s Messenger function and now the use of a Messenger bot.

When attempting to market a new service or product as a business, it’s important to remember that you can take advantage of social media. Using a Messenger Bot can yield a wealth of benefits for any company, but many organisations aren’t aware of this particular fact. To help maximise your lead generation online, we’re going to look at a few of the different ways that a Messenger Bot can be useful.

Massive Reach For Your Business

Let’s be real here for a moment. There are millions and millions and users on Facebook every day. This sheer scale of users and easy accessibility for businesses means that the potential for lead generation is phenomenal.

However, we also have to consider that the human capability is finite. A team of customer service members who continuously work to reach potential customers all day still only have a limited number of people to which they can speak. Messenger Bots don’t have the same limitations. They can have thousands of conversations all at once, providing whatever dialogue you need. This prowess makes them a superior choice for customer interaction, and in turn, lead generation.

Accelerated Lead Generation

Lead generation is the end goal of any customer service representative. They want to make sure that their interactions with the customers push those potential leads into the funnel. However, this isn’t always a quick process and can take several conversations to get right.

A Messenger Bot does not suffer from the same handicap, and can instead generate an accelerated lead to funnel process. Imagine a Messenger Bot storing the data from thousands of simultaneous conversations, remembering exact customer preferences, and then created a personalised suggestion for that customer. The lead generation process is conducted at a faster pace and with more efficiency. Armed with the data and preferences of a thousand other customers who match up with each person, the Bot can create a suggestion which seems unique and representative of their likes, dislikes and desires.

Nurturing Of Leads

Every company knows that to create a new customer or purchase, they need to move the customer into the sales funnel. This task isn’t a simple process by any means and requires an individual assessment on how best to proceed.

The reason why a Messenger Bot can successfully productively nurture leads is that it has much more data. Based on previous conversations and scenarios where the customer has been brought into the funnel or not, the Bot can offer a discount, a free trial of a service, and other similar enticements. The result is that a Bot can not only perform the initial role of a customer service member in regards to lead generation, but they can also nurture those leads into sales.

Overall, these are just three of the different ways a Messenger Bot can help with lead generation. A Bot is, at a fundamental level, a more advanced customer service member because it can collect much more data in the average day, and also nurture leads through the sales funnel. These attributes mean that there’s massive potential for any business to implement Bots into their companies, and then reap the benefits.

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