5 tips for effective Facebook ads for Financial Advisors

Facebook advertising can be one of the most effective ways to reach your target audience. But it can also be incredibly overwhelming. In this post, I look at 5 tips for effective Facebook ads for Financial Advisors.

Use the power editor

Facebook has 2 ways you can input an ad. One through what is named  Ads Manager and the other is Power Editor

Ads Manager is a relatively simple way to get started. The interface is streamlined to have your ad up and running in just a couple of minutes without you having to do a lot. However, there are downsides to the Ads manager, inncluding limited text input at the top of the ad. Meaning you have a character limitation. Also, Ads Manager does not allow full reporting or get advanced updates like Power Editor.

With Power Editor you really don’t have a character limit, so there are no limitations.

Install your Pixel

Slightly technical, but don’t worry about that. A pixel is a piece of code used to track you as you visit websites or use applications so an advertiser can ‘remarket’ their products or services to you. Facebook assigns each ad account one pixel, which you place on your website.

Targeting is key

Targeting is essential for Facebook ads. Knowing who your market is and being as narrow as possible with each ad campaign is key to getting real results.

Utilize different ad formats

Consider using more than one type of ad format. Single image ads are good but the imagery you use needs to be attention grabbing and interesting. Video ads are great attention grabbers.

Consider your landing page

Create a landing page that focuses on data capture – maybe offer a guide or a whitepaper in exhange for the prospects basic contact details – and also gives you the chance to retarget them from your pixel.

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