6 Steps to Lead Generation Success for Financial Advisors

Part of your role as a Financial Advisor is to attract new clients, but how?  With a reported 90% of people never responding to cold calls, it’s time to explore new avenues of lead generation.  Targeted campaigns allow you to reach potential clients in a more authentic, natural way, which makes for a much easier working relationship.  Follow our 6 steps to lead generation success for financial advisors and you’ll consistently bring in new business for your firm.

What’s your hook?

Your hook needs to be something valuable that you can offer to your potential clients – whether this be free advice or a newsletter, it’s your way of drawing them in.  Show them that what you’re offering is worth taking action for.  As this is the focus of your campaign, you need to ensure that you pick something that truly showcases what you’re worth. 

Use landing pages

Landing pages provide a targeted way to attract a focused audience.  When correctly put together, landing pages will encourage your audience to take action and will make it clear what is on offer to them.  Calls to action should be clear and concise, and there should be some sort of data capture on the page.  Ask for a name and contact details, and remember the more the client has to input, the less likely they are to fill out the form in the first place. 

Social media is key

With 76% of buyers admitting that they’re willing and ready to start a conversation on social media, it’s crucial that as a Financial Advisor looking to generate leads, your present and active on there.  Share your landing page across all of your social channels.  Paid for social media advertising campaigns are also a great way to generate leads, and you can be very targeted and reach people who’s needs are specific to your niche. 

Be consistent with your messaging

If you’re taking a multi-channel approach to your marketing, it’s crucial that you’re messaging is consistent across all platforms to ensure lead generation success.  Everything needs to be cohesive, had the same tone and writing style, and most importantly, reflect the same values.  

Keep trying new things

Market trends constantly change, and so should your lead generation strategy in order to adapt.  Keep testing different things to find what works for you.  Use CRO and A/B testing to look at how you can get the best results from your landing pages, CTA’s and hook.  Try different copy and content ideas to see what drives the highest conversion rate and best results. 

Use tools

Utilize the tools that are out there to help you get the most from your lead generation campaigns.  You’re a Financial Advisor, after all, and not a marketing manager.  Use a scheduling tool like Hootsuite for social media, and Google Adwords to see how your landing pages are performing. 

When it comes to Lead Generation for Financial Advisors, there are an endless number of options available.  We hope that you have found this ‘6 Steps to Lead Generation Success for Financial Advisors ’ blog useful. If you’re still unsure when it comes to Lead Generation, please do not hesitate to get in touch here.

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