Are Your Campaign Landing Pages Letting You Down?

When you’re running a lead generation campaign, and you’ve got all your ducks in a row, there’s nothing like underwhelming performance to burst your bubble.

You might start tearing your hair out, wondering just where things went wrong and why you aren’t seeing the new, primed leads you were expecting. In many cases, the culprit is the landing page.

A landing page is the final point before a visitor becomes a conversion, and there are many things businesses do wrong that dampen the success of a whole campaign. So, if you’re wondering what not to do on your landing pages, read on.

Your Headline Isn’t Performing

This is one of the most common issues businesses run into when their landing pages are more of a damp squib than the big bang you were expecting. If your headline doesn’t scan well or takes visitors outside of the zone they were in then it’s time for a change.

Happily, this is one area that is easy to remedy. And it’s the first thing you should look at when your landing page isn’t performing. There’s a fine art to crafting great landing page headlines, and you need to make sure your headline hits several markers all at the same time. It needs to create a sense of urgency in the visitor, and it also needs to be specific and targeted to what’s on offer. At the same time, it should underline why what you’re offering is such a great deal – but always remain believable.

Your Page Didn’t Work

There’s no point investing so much time and effort in a lead generation campaign if the whole thing is going to fall down at the final, most important, hurdle.

You need to test, re-test and then test again to ensure that your landing pages are fully functional – and that means they’re optimised for mobile, too. Mobile web browsing and shopping has already overtaken computer usage, so it’s vital that you optimise your landing pages for mobile devices.

The Design is Poor

When a prospect hits that vital landing page area, the design of the page should be sleek, informative and provide everything the user needs to make that purchase.

On the other hand, you shouldn’t have too much happening on the page that will overwhelm and pull focus from the reason the page exists. You’ve got your prospect in the right frame of mind already, so capitalise on their interest.

The design of your landing page speaks to what your business is about. If it’s well-done, informative and easy to navigate, then that reflects well on your brand. If the opposite is true, however, then you won’t reap any of the rewards that your hard work deserves.  If you want some insight into your lead generation activities, take a look at L2W Digital’s free Lead Generation Pilot. We can help you develop quality leads that will push your brand to a new level.

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