Blog Post Topics Every Financial Advisor Should Have on Their Site

I often talk about how creating consistent content is key to increasing your online presence and generating referrals. But when it comes to your blog, what should you write about? In this post, I look at blog post topics every financial advisor should have on their site.

What should you blog about?

Every time I meet an advisor who hasn’t done much marketing in the past, one of the first questions they ask is, “What should I post on my blog?”

How to deal with uncertain times

The word “unprecedented” has been overused these past two years, but it’s true. We’re living in uncertain times and your clients are likely missing the “human” element that was once a common part of life. This blog post is a great way to be more authentic with your audience by talking about what you’re grateful for and how you’ve helped your clients during the pandemic.

Why I chose to become a Financial Advisor

Share your story. People want to know the “why” behind your firm. They want to know what inspired you to get into this industry and what keeps you motivated to keep going.

Share your opinions on current events

Your readers will look to you when something happens. What is your opinion? Where do you stand on the issues?

  • The economy – be specific
  • Inflation
  • The fed
  • The dismal savings rate

What issues are you currently helping your clients with?

What problems or issues have your clients run into lately? Without giving away client details, how can you turn the problem into a blog post to help others?

  • How to avoid a financial nightmare during divorce
  • What to do when your spouse suddenly dies
  • How to plan inheritances for children of blended families

Remember, content is king—and blog posts are critical to positioning yourself as an expert and staying top of mind online.

We hope you have found this post on blog post topics every financial advisor should have on their site useful.

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