Blogging for Finacial Advisors

To drive traffic back to your website, it’s essential that you create your own unique content. And blogging provides an excellent way to do that. In this post, I look at blogging for financial advisors.

Identify who your blog is targeting

What questions do your target audience typically ask you about in meetings? What is happening in the news that you know they would be interested in? Additionally, if you are trying to target a niche market, then it is extremely important to target them with relevant information.

Deciding what to blog about

Writing an effective blog post takes time and effort. To make getting started easier, you should begin by creating a brainstorming document. When an idea for a blog post strikes you, add it to the list – you’ll soon find yourself with a vast list of ideas.

How often should you blog?

The more you can blog, the better. Aiming for at least once every week or two is a good starting point. For smaller financial planning firms where one person is handling everything, even once a month is better than nothing. If your posts are going to be more spread out, it is better to call them ‘insights’ or ‘updates’ as the title blog suggests that you will be posting on a regular basis.

I hope that you’ve found this blog post on blogging for financial advisors useful.

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