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Content ideas for Financial Advisors (who hate writing)

Did you know that 47% of internet users read blogs every day? And that 91% of consumers want to see authentic content from brands? I talk about blogging a lot, but these numbers speak for themselves. But, while blog writing can be a great way to produce content and connect with clients and prospects, it’s easier said than done. Many financial advisors don’t feel that writing is their forte, making it tricky to launch a blog and stay consistent. In this post, I look at Content ideas for Financial Advisors (who hate writing).

Consider Content Marketing Ideas that Aren’t Blogging

Not sold on the idea of writing blogs? The good news is you don’t have to. You could start a podcast, or what about video marketing? Video is getting increasingly popular in the content marketing world, and it’s easy to see why. Consumers these days are busy. Catching their attention is becoming more of a challenge for marketers. However, playing to the visual nature of your audience can help you win over new prospective clients.

The rise of the Freemium

Ever thought about creating a freemium? Essentially a freemium is a free download that can serve several purposes. You can add it to your website to gain new leads, send the content out to current clients if it answers their questions, and promote a landing page to sign up for your freemium on social media.

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