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Last week we talked about the importance of blogging for Financial Advisors.  When looking for a financial advisor clients begin their search online. According to Google, mobile searches about financial planning and management are up 70% in the past two years. While this shows a high demand for financial advice, your business still needs to stand out from other financial institutions — a problem you can solve with financial content marketing. In this post, content marketing for financial advisors, we look at the topics you should cover.

Which topics should you blog about?

All successful content marketing strategies begin by defining the audience for your content. Depending on the type of financial services you offer, you’ll want to aim your content at businesses or regular consumers (or both). Each audience needs different types of financial content.


Companies and small businesses want content that offers product knowledge. They need to know how to make smart financial and strategic decisions to run their businesses. They’ll respond well to blog posts that offer:

  • Infographics: Businesses need to know how to handle the challenges associated with accounting, taxes, credit, and managing cash flow. You can provide this information through charts, tables, and other visual aids to give easy-to-understand explanations.
  • Product reviews: Blog articles that offer the pros and cons of the best business credit cards or the benefits of different types of loans help educate businesses on what financial products they should invest in.
  • Industry news analysis: Businesses need to keep an eye on the economy — so by offering your expert analysis on the industries your financial institution serves, you can produce content your customers will read on a regular basis.
  • Customer Stories: Companies are more likely to do business with financial advisors who helped other companies with similar problems. By including articles or videos spotlighting how your financial services or products helped solve business problems, you’re more likely to build trust with your clients.


Consumers, on the other hand, seek content that provides an emotional connection. They want to be educated on how to deal with the personal financial challenges they’re facing right now — and to be reassured that you can help them. They’ll respond best to:

  • Explainer videos: Creating high-quality videos on your website that answer customer questions about loans, credit card use, and retirement will keep them returning to your website.
  • Money-saving tips: Filling your blog with tips on creating a budget, preventing credit card debt, and putting money away for retirement addresses many common concerns.
  • Special occasion advice: Most customers wouldn’t expect a blog post or email with tips for buying Christmas presents on a budget, but these are the types of financial challenges consumers face. By offering this financial content, you’ll show your business understands what’s important to your customers.

Publishing regular blog post articles on your website is an excellent way to communicate with your clients and generate new leads. You can offer blog posts on money-saving tips, product reviews, and customer stories. It’s also a great idea to answer questions your clients post in comments or on your social media.

I hope you’ve found this post on Content marketing for Financial Advisors useful.

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