Digital Marketing Tactics for Financial Advisors in 2021

A few weeks ago I talked about Marketing Opportunities for Advisors in 2021 and Beyond. With the new year on the horizon, a lot of us are thinking about our plans and how to grow our business in 2021 and post-pandemic. Here, I look at digital marketing tactics for Financial Advisors in 2021 in order to maximise lead generation.

Digital Marketing Tactics for Financial Advisors:

Include a calendar link on every page

You should use a scheduling tool on every single page of your website. The logic is simple: To convert more leads into clients, you need to make it easy for them to connect with you. Nothing’s simpler than a few clicks on your website.

This button doesn’t have to be obtrusive; it should blend in seamlessly with your website. The important thing is that visitors always have the option to schedule time with you, regardless of the page they enter your website from.

Tools such as CalendlyAcuity and ScheduleOnce can be used to set up schedulers on your website.

An SEO-friendly website/blog

To generate leads, you need to drive more organic search traffic to your website and blog.

There’s no shortage of factors that contribute to a website with strong SEO, encompassing both your site structure and copy. You want a strong website structure that’s navigable, mobile-friendly, and easy for Google to crawl.

New content added to your website at least twice a month

Keep your website fresh and updated. Regularly producing original content pertinent to your audience is integral to lead generation. To make your website as productive as possible, share new content at least twice a month, ideally once a week. Original content can come in the form of a blog, quick video, or podcast – almost anything.

Website copy in problem-solution format

Write your website copy to target a specific niche audience with unique financial concerns. Any advisor can claim they offer “comprehensive financial planning.” However, what audience do you serve? What questions do they have? What keeps them up at night?

Advisors need to write in what’s called a “problem/solution format.” Explicitly state who you work with, what specific problems your audience has and the solutions you offer to those problems. Focus your efforts on the most visited pages of your website: your home, about and contact pages.

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