Digital marketing trends in financial services

The financial services sector is changing, and it’s changing quickly. The rise of new technology, including AI and IOT means that customers are now more connected than ever before. They’re also more clued up, and expect a service offering that is personalised to their needs and wants. In this post, I look at digital marketing trends in financial services.

Omnichannel marketing

Omnichannel marketing refers to the bigger picture, and how customers want to connect with you across all platforms. From social media to apps, todays consumer wants to be able to reach you wherever they are. And they’re also demanding a seamles experience whilst they do so.

So how do you adopt this omnichannel approach? Data analytics is key. This will show you how your customer behaves at each stage of their journey and help you to develop a step by step approach.


Customers are demaning a service that is personal to them. Communication should also reflect this. Personalisation ecourages engagement with your brand, and therefore reinforces your relationship with your customer.


Mobile is key digital marketing trend within financial services, and financial advisors need to have a mobile-first marketing plan in order to deliver an efficient experience that answers the needs of today’s users. Plus, as the IoT continues to grow, voice search will be another big trend within the industry for hands-free virtual assistant devices and other smart technology. 

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