Email marketing for financial advisors

A few weeks back, I wrote a post on how to build your email marketing list. In this post, I look at email marketing for financial advisors.

The power of subject lines

Subject lines determine whether or not your email will get opened. So the job of a subject line is to stand out in the inbox, grab the reader’s attention, and get them to open. Subject lines that tend to work well include personalisation or those that include an incentive. Avoid being dull or too ambiguous, and, most importantly, don’t include spam triggers such as “free,” “cash,” or “earn.”

Content is key

Your email content should be relevant, engaging, short, and to the point. Nobody has the time or attention to read anything that isn’t helpful, and they certainly won’t read long emails that do not have a clear purpose.

Your email marketing message content should let the reader know you value and respect their time, and you are only showing up in their inbox to be useful.

Branding and images

Your marketing emails can be mostly text, but newsletters are most effective when they include your company branding, graphics, and images.

Your newsletter is a chance to raise awareness of your brand and you. Your email newsletter template should include your brand colors, logo, and the appropriate fonts and style. In other words, when people open the email, they should recognize it as yours and it should reinforce a feeling of familiarity with you.

I hope that you’ve found this blog post on Email marketing for financial advisors useful.

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