Essential tools for financial advisors

I’ve had a number of queries about software programs over recent weeks – what are they and what are the best ones to use? In this post, I look at essential tools for financial advisors.

Technology has had significant inpact upon the financial services industry. Many Financial Advisors have come to rely on sophisticated software designed to help them not only devise appropriate investment and retirement plans for clients but help them better engage clients as well.


An effective CRM system helps you keep track of all of our existing clients and all of your prospects. This includes everything from contact information, a log of conversations, as well as personal details about the client.

The essential things to look for in a CRM include integration capabilities with your other most utilized services, mobile access, and workflow automation.

Email Marketing Software

Email marketing software allows you to manage all communications leads, prospects, and clients. You can set up a sequence of emails for every new lead , have an automated emails to long-time subscribers or clients, an automated email for contacts who haven’t opened your newsletter in a while, and even scheduled emails reminding clients of upcoming appointments or deadlines.

Portfolio Rebalancing Tools

Another useful tool for financial advisors is a portfolio rebalancing tool. Portfolio rebalancing can help ensure that your client’s portfolios stay on course to meet financial goals. However, rebalancing a client’s portfolio manually can be tedious and leave you susceptible human error. As robo-advisors and automated solutions gain sophistication, a rebalancing tool can streamline your process and give you a competitive edge.

Financial Planning Software

While it might seem like an obvious suggestion, finanical planning tools can be incredibly useful in showing clients their big picture goals, as well as how you as their advisor will help them to reach those goals. These days, financial planning tools are incredibly dynamic and can efficiently illustrate projections on retirement planning, budgeting and debt management, as well as potential taxation scenarios.

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