Do Facebook Ads REALLY work For Financial Advisors?

The short answer is Yes it does! Otherwise we wouldn't be in business.

Having managed campaigns and generated tens of thousands of pounds/dollars for Life & Health Insurance, Pension Transfers, Wealth Management, Retirement Planning and more - we have enough data to show you how much Financial Advisors can truly earn when using Facebook Ads.

That's why we've put together our Facebook Ads Revenue Calculator for Financial Advisors.

The calculator is FREE to use and it will give you an indication of how much your firm will need to invest on Facebook to hit a certain monthly revenue target. This is based on your current products, average order value and existing sales conversion rate.

We'll also send you our Facebook Ads Blueprint for Financial Services walking you through exactly how to hit those numbers too.

One thing to note. It does take an investment of time and money to get this right. But firms who have stuck at it are now reaping the rewards. You'll have a lead generation system you can turn on and off.

If however you are wanting instant results walk away right now. This isn't for you.

Facebook Ads Revenue Calculator for Financial Advisors

  • The average conversion rate on Facebook for Financial Services is 10 - 30%