Start Generating Leads ASAP with Facebook Ads

Learn how to generate leads for your business on tap with a training course designed for Small Businesses.

Have you tried Facebook Ads in the past and it hasn’t quite worked out?
Or are you not sure where to start?

Well I've been there..

When you start out on Facebook Ads it's very tempting just to get an ad up asking people to "Buy My Stuff" - without really any thought into it.

But there's one flaw with this approach..

People don't go on Facebook to buy, they go to socialise and be nosy.

So if they are going to stop and spend 3 seconds reading your advert it needs to be worth while.

They'll be thinking what's in it for me?  They won't even necessarily care who you are at this stage too.

I’m Hitesh, the Owner of L2W Digital

At one point I was a newbie to Facebook Ads.

I did everything you shouldn't do first when using Facebook Ads.

However that was 6 years ago and I've learned a lot since then.

I've spent and managed tens of thousands of pounds of Ad Spend on Facebook Ads and delivered some amazing results.

Lots of reading, learning and taking courses,

Hours of testing and optimising,

And to be fair I'm still learning every day too.

I now run an agency that helps businesses across the world deliver profitable leads and sales using Facebook Ads.

However I've made a number of observations:

  • Not all businesses can afford to hire an agency or even a freelancer to start with. And they have small budgets too.
  • Business owners want to focus on what they are good at and therefore don't have hours of time to spend learning a new tool or technique.
  • People want to be shown exactly they need to do that is relevant to their business and campaigns.

This is why I've created this Facebook Ads Training Course for Small Businesses.

I'll work with you to define everything from the strategy, the lead magnet, the ad copy and creatives. Your campaign will be live in no time at all.

Who is this course for?

This course is for Small Businesses who want to learn how to generate leads from Facebook Ads.

it's perfect for those who have low budgets and can't afford to outsource to a freelancer or Agency.

This course aims to teach you how to generate leads of people interested in your product or service.

Hitesh Mistry, Founder of L2W Digital

Some of my Facebook Ads results.

Small Business Facebook Ads Training

The objective of this training is to get your first Lead Generation campaign live by showing you exactly what to do.

This part is an important factor for any Facebook Ads campaign.

We'll go deep to really understand your customer. We'll look at their demographics, their interests, desires and pain points. The output of this will give us a few targeting options when setting up Facebook Ads.

We'll go through the best approach to generate Leads for your business.  Some campaigns need to have a longer funnel - for example warm people up where as some campaigns can go direct and ask people to sign up.

The best approach to start with will be determined on your target audience and product or service. The more complex or expensive the product/service is, will require a longer funnel.

This is how we'll attract attention. The Offer or Hook could be some content, a free trial or even a discount. We'll think of a Hook/Offer that will be appealing to your target audience that will want them to take action straight away.

We use a certain formula when writing ad copy which has been tried, tested and proven with our lead generation campaigns.

The formula will call out the target audience to get their attention and effectively "sell" what you have to offer.

Facebook has limitations when it comes to targeting, therefore the ad copy along with the image and headline will do most of the heavy lifting when it comes to conversions.

We will run through the settings required to setting up your campaign. This is where we define the audience targeting along with ad placements and optimisation.

The daily budget is also defined here too. I recommend starting with £10 per day.

We'll also touch upon understanding the Customer Life Time Value, Sales Conversion rate and what you should be paying per lead.

This is the fun bit.

We'll go through the different Ad formats Facebook has to offer and when to use them. There is single image, video and a few others to choose from.

For this campaign we'll be creating between 3-4 different ads to split test.

Once your campaign is live we'll walk through the important metrics to look at when optimising and scaling your campaigns.

We'll run through exactly how to tell when an image is not working, along with an audience and creative and other ways to trouble shoot your campaign.

Once you've found a winning Ad / Adset we'll discuss some of the methods on how to scale it too.

We'll go through a lot in the session however you'll get a recording at the end of it and of course your campaign will also be setup too.

We'll also provide some support resources just in case you need to refer back to it.

Interactive Q&A

The training session will be interactive. You'll be able to answer questions throughout.

IMPORTANT: Spaces will be limited! Book Your Training Slot Today!

Frequently Asked Questions

How long will the training last?

The training session will last approx 2 hours. It's important that you are clear from any distractions.

What is the required Adspend?

We recommend that you have at least £10 a day to spend on Facebook Ads to see meaningful results.

How soon will I generate leads?

In theory as soon as Facebook starts delivering the campaign (within a few hours). However working with Facebook Ads will require lots of testing to get the best results.

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