Financial Advisors and Facebook Groups

Facebook groups are the perfect way for people to come together over shared interests, and they are an excellent way to engage with your clients and prospects. Here, I look at financial advisors and facebook groups.

Before you start harnessing their power, it’s important to have a little bit of background on Facebook Groups. Groups are designed to let a set group of users interact together. They don’t have to add each other as friends to interact within the group.

You can set your groups as public, closed and secret. Each privacy setting gives you control over who can join and invite other members.

Groups aren’t useful if no one is interacting. Think of it like a party. You have those few who are eager to get up and dance, but everyone else just stays sat down. If you post things that are interesting enough, people start getting off the wall and interacting. Soon, you have more participation than you ever thought possible. The more you interact, the more useful the group becomes. Have several members volunteer to respond to posts and comments, post conversation starters and keep conversations going.

When you have a public or even closed group, you’re probably going to run into group members that can’t behave.  This is where moderators come in. You’ll likely need a few volunteers to monitor your group(s) throughout the day and night. Of course, ask any group members to report anything inappropriate immediately.

All Facebook Groups need at least some basic rules. These include what is and isn’t appropriate, the type of content to share, any special days for sharing certain things and the general purpose of the group. Rules help ensure your moderators have guidelines when dealing with group members.

If you’re using Facebook Groups to boost growth, you’ll want to encourage members to share your group’s content. This is where motivational and humorous memes come into play. They’re visual and engaging. They’re easy to create and you’re able to post content that encourages conversation and sharing.

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