keywords and financial advisors

Financial Advisors and Keywords

Optimising your website for SEO is vital to determine its success. Keywords are the foundation of search engines. Whenever you search for something on Google, you do it by typing keywords into the search bar — potential clients do the same thing whenever they look for a financial advisor. Here, we look at keywords and financial advisors.

The basics of keywords

The two most important metrics for keyword research are volume and keyword difficulty:

– Volume tells you approximately how many times people search for a given keyword, on average, each month.
– Keyword difficulty gives you a rough estimate of how difficult it is to rank for a certain keyword.

Once you’ve decided on the best keywords, make sure to include them in headlines on your website. 

A key tip is to format your blogs according to the way Google reads them. This includes breaking down your content into small digestible chunks with headlines for each. These headlines are read by Google to decide if your content will help answer someone’s query. 

It’s also worth researching Google Trends to ensure that your keywords are generating interest. Google Trends allows you to see what people are searching for and how often. 

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