Financial Advisors and live streaming

Financial Advisors and live streaming

Live streaming isn’t a new concept, but ‘going live’ on social platforms such as Facebook and Instagram is a fairly recent phenomenon that has been hugely popular. But how you can embrace it to communicate more effectively with your clients? Here, I look at Financial Advisors and live streaming.

What is ‘Going Live’?
Going live on Facebook and Instagram aims to bring people face-to-face with hosts and/or celebrities with whom they have an interest. While many popular celebrities and influencers use live, it could be a vital marketing tool for financial advisors as well.#

Why should Financial Advisors go live?

Firstly, it’s low cost – all you need is a little bit of time. Compared to professional video, this takes far less time and is free. What’s more, anyone can do it – you don’t have to be tech-savvy.

Going live makes it possible to reach an audience easily, spontaneously, and in an authentic way.  It also allows you to humanize your business and brand, and make connections that are otherwise difficult to make. Face-to-face meetings are increasingly difficult to schedule. Financial advisors can use this great tool as a way to stay connected with clients, prospects, and connections. It also allows for a more personal and unique feel compared to just a post or picture.

When should you go live?

Utilise live when you have something important to share, such as:

  • Market updates
  • Inspirational messages
  • Financial tips
  • Highlighting a recent blog
  • Communicating breaking news
  • Q&A sessions

I hope that you have found this post on Financial Advisors and live streaming useful.

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