How can Financial Advisors attract a new generation of clients?

While you may have a whole host of ‘regular’ clients with whom you have dealt with for many years, it’s always important to keep an eye on the future. Attract the next generation of clients now, and you’ll secure your long-term future. But how can Financial Advisors attract a new generation of clients?


The way you communication with the next generation of clients needs to differ to the way you speak to those that are close to retirement. You need to enage with younger prospect via a language and technology that they’re familiar with, so social media is key here. In developing ways for marketing to millennials, think digital, smartphones and apps. They’re on Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter and Instagram — and “share” stuff they like. Connect and introduce your firm to them digitally.

Make sure you can be found online

The younger generation search for information — and financial advisors — vias Google. So, make sure your firm’s search engine optimization (SEO) strategy is effective.

Create credible content

Build your online repution with digital content. Use websites, blog posts, newsletters, videos, webinars and virtual meetings to tell your story, as well as to educate and inform your next generation of clients who are in search of help.

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