Here, we look at How can Financial Advisors use TikTok (part 2).

How can Financial Advisors use TikTok (part 2)

TikTok is a short-form video platform with 698 million active users worldwide, an amount that tripled over the past two years. The largest age range of TikTok users is ages 10 through 19, however, 50% of users are over the age of 30, with 20% aged above 40. Here, we look at How can Financial Advisors use TikTok (part 2).

How can financial advisors use TikTok?

There are a number of ways financial advisors can use TikTok. including:

  • Messaging prospects and clients
  • Paid promotion
  • Providing investment and financial information
  • Hosting a TikTok live session

How can advisors get started with TikTok?

  • Create a personal account on the platform. Stay compliant by restricting your presence and activity to a personal, rather than business, presence.
  • Explore content. Add TikTok to the social media channels you check regularly.
  • Determine your next steps. If TikTok fits into your practice, determine how you will incorporate the platform into your marketing and prospecting strategies. You could consider a branded account, paid promotion, or client/prospect communication.

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