How can you generate more referals?

As a successful financial advisor, talking to new prospects and clients should always be high on your agenda. Referals are an important part of your business, but asking for them can be difficult. Finding the balance between presenting yourself and your services with an aim to make a sale down the line and being too pushy can be hard. However, referals are one of the best way to reach potential clients. In this post, I answer the question how can you generate more referals?

You get what you give

It pays to provide your current clients with an incentive for any referal that leads to a profitable client. Consider offering them a gift or a discount as gradtitude for talking to their friends and family about you. Develop an incentive program, which you can promote via your website, which encourages referals. Perhaps run a competition, where whichever client provides you with the most actionable referrals wins the contest and receives the prize.

Get social

Connect with your clients via social media and encourage them to engage with you. Create content that they can share with their followers, which will act as a word of mouth referal.


When it comes to referals, don’t be shy about utilizing your professional network. Offer to refer clients to a contact in turn for them refering their clients back to you. Plus, ask these contacts to write a testimonial about you and your service that you can share on your website.

Ultimately, when it comes to referals, you need to be proactive, as a referral from a friend, colleague, or industry expert can go a long way in getting more prospective clients to give you a call.

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