How finaciancial advisors can find clients in Lockdown 2.0

If there’s ever been a time for financial advisors to embrace a ‘tech-savvy’ future, it’s now. But this poses the question of how to use this approach to attract new clients as the pandemic makes it harder to form new business relationships. In this post, I look at how to finaciancial advisors can find new clients in lockdown 2.0.

One interesting result of the COVID-19 outbreak in the UK is that, despite the social isolation, it has also encouraged the breakdown of social barriers in many places.

Earlier in March, for example, we all stood on our doorsteps to to simultaneously applaud the NHS. These people who barely communicated before are now, every day, checking that each other are well and that they have the supplies they need for self-isolation.

A similar dynamic is occurring on social media. On Facebook, for example, many people have been reaching out to old contacts and even strangers, extending well-wishes. This increased openness could be a great opportunity for financial advisors to develop their social media strategy.

For instance, could you check in on some of your clients and prospects and post their stories on your business Facebook profile? You’d need informed consent to do this, but many people are looking for heart-warming stories at the moment. This could be a great way to grow your brand awareness and following.

Advisors are now struggling to meet clients in person for annual reports, reviews and advice. Here, of course, the problem can be largely addressed through video conferencing; allowing you to hold meetings whilst also potentially reducing time and money otherwise spent on travel etc.

There are many great, free solutions on the market for these purposes, such as Google Hangouts and Zoom. If you’re looking to expand your lead generation efforts through video conference, moreover, then these tools can also be a great way to run online financial planning seminars, workshops and other events.

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