How Financial Advisors can boost their SEO in 2022

Looking for ways to improve your SEO? Want to get more from your marketing? In this post, we look at how financial advisors can boost their SEO in 2022.

Invest in A/B testing

With A/B testing, you take a specific page or post on your financial website and run two or three variations of it. On each page, you change one specific variable that you think could have an impact on traffic volume, engagement, and/or conversion rates. You then track the results over two to three weeks.

Afterwards, you compile the results to see which version performed best.

Are you linking to other pages or posts on your website within your content? This is one of the best ways to drive traffic throughout your website, which can give you a big SEO boost.

Consider checking your Google Analytics to see which pages are receiving the most referral traffic and make sure your internal links are optimised here. The higher traffic volume gives you more opportunities for engagement.

You might also benefit from doing a link audit. Here, you want to make sure that any existing internal links still work properly, and point to the best page/content for the user.

Use Author pages

Recently, Google announced that would help SEO if financial firms (and other businesses) included author pages on their websites.

Including this feature helps search engines evaluate the content of different authors contributing to your website, and it’s quality. So, here it can be worth building up strong “author profiles” on your financial website, if not done already.

These might include a photograph of the author and a short bio – along with links to their most recent articles, underneath. This gives you the opportunity to establish each of them as “thought leaders” in their respective fields, which is great for your branding too.

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