How Financial Advisors can create better client newsletters

A newsletter for financial advisors aims to fill prospects and clients in on any developments in a particular niche. Here, I look at how Financial Advisors can create better client newsletters.

  1. Set your goals

Firstly, determine who you’re targeting. Are you sending the email to current clients or prospects? What is the purpose?

Think about the following objectives:

  • Showcase expertise: Share blog content, case studies, and industry-focused insight.
  • Increase loyalty: Share especially information that can directly help the client. Your goal is to show clients that you care about them and their business.
  • Increase trust
  • Generate leads: Share insider tips and tactics.

2. Be targeted in your approach

Create different newsletters for different groups. For example, you may have one newsletter for existing clients and one for prospects. The tone and content will differ to reflect different audiences.

3. Personalise

Personalisation – at least the reader’s name – is a must-have for any newsletter campaign. Even if you don’t segment your database, you should at least add the recipient’s name in the introduction and/or subject line.

4. Think about your writing style

Most people will skim-read your emails. so you need to bear that in mind when writing them.

Thus, your goal should be to adopt an “email-friendly” writing style.


  • Short sentences and paragraphs. Each paragraph should be 2-3 sentences maximum.
  • Simple words.
  • Generous line breaks that allow the reader to pause.

I hope that you have found this post on How Financial Advisors can create better client newsletters useful.

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