How Financial Advisors can gain a competitive advantage

A vast number of changes in the marketplace over recent years has meant that Financial Advisors now face more regulations, more challenges and increasing levels of competition. So how can you gain an edge in a seemingly crowded space? In this post, I look at ‘How Financial Advisors can gain a competitive advantage’.

Adopt a digital first approach

A lot of Financial Advisors have been slow to take up digital marketing. And by failing to embrace technology, you’re setting yourself up fall behind your competition.

Use data to help develop your marketing strategy

In today’s digital world, it’s highly likely that your clients and prospects will expect content that is highly personalised and relevant to their needs and wants. They’re looking for something that addressed their painpoints and advises on how to solve their problems. But how do you create this? Start by analysing your audiences data. Look at key KPI’s and feed them in to your marketing strategy.

Segementation and targeting

Based upon the data you have and what you’ve learned from the analysis that you have carried out, be sure that you segement your database in order to provide relevant, targeted content.

Focus on Video Marketing

Video should play a pivotal role in any marketing strategy. As a financial advsisor, video can help you to explain complex subjects to your clients and prospects, developing your authority and reputation within the field. Plus, videos help to boost your search engine ranking, which means you’ll be seen by more prospects.

I hope you have found this ‘How Financial Advisors can gain a competitive advantage’ blog post useful. If you’re a financial advisor looking for help when it comes to digital marketing and lead generation, please feel free to get in touch here.

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