How Financial Advisors can generate more leads

A question I’m often faced with when I talk with clients and prospects is ‘Hitesh, how can I generate more leads?’ The answer? The right lead gen strategy—and a commitment to some of the industry’s established best practices—can help you become more efficient in generating leads, building more significant ROI, and reducing your overall time commitment to marketing your business. In this post, I look at how Financial Advisors can generate more leads.

Host educational seminars or webinars.

IThe Covid-19 pandemic caused in-person events, which have been a mainstay of financial advisor lead-gen strategies, to stop. And, with certain restrictions still in place, no one can be sure how successful in-person events are in the “new normal” post-pandemic world.

But webinars are a great alternative—and these webinars can offer certain advantages in-person events can’t, including removing geographical constraints and the option of recording webinars to feature on your website.

Plus, because you’ll capture prospects’ information when they register to attend your webinar or watch it on-demand, you’ll have what you need to nurture the relationship (keeping in mind that most new business doesn’t close after one interaction).

Offer free ‘gated’ content

‘Gating’ content is a great way to gather lead information in exchange for some free financial guidance. E-books, white papers, webinars, and other educational materials can offer much value to potential customers in exchange for their contact information.

Once you’ve collected this information, you can engage with prospects through targeted drip email campaigns, direct calls, and social media to warm up leads and create new conversion opportunities. Meanwhile, this type of content strengthens your brand reputation by demonstrating your expertise, offering practical tips and information, and illustrating the value of working directly with you.

Keep adding new content to your website

A blog is a great way to capture organic search traffic and demonstrate your expertise to interested prospects. Blog posts can also promote new access to webinars and other content.

New website content can be shared with clients and prospects via email, social media, and other marketing channels. By staying active and demonstrating your in-house expertise, your business can participate in, and even drive, essential and timely conversations.

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