How Financial Advisors can include Personalisation in Their Marketing

Digital marketing has given businesses more options than ever to connect with and delight their audience. Personalisation is one of the most powerful ways to do that, especially when it comes to email marketing. In this post, I look at How Financial Advisors can include Personalisation in Their Marketing.

What is Personalisation?

PersonaliSation is basically exactly what is sounds like – making your marketing and advertising efforts more personal to the users who interact with them. Through the use of collected data points, you can better tailor your ads to the people who will see them. It can be something as simple as adding a prospect’s name to an email, or something more complex like a customized list of recommendations based on their search or purchase history.

Why does it matter?

Personalising your marketing is more than just a tech trick. Many studies have shown that personalisation adds value to marketing efforts and increases ROI. It can provide your business with a great way of connecting with clients. When customers see personalisation used in the right way, they feel valued. They may be surprised by the attention to detail, and it can strengthen the relationship you have with them.

Best Practice

An important first step is identifying where opportunities for personalisation already exist within your marketing strategy. For example, if you ever communicate with your client or prospect base via email, that’s the perfect place to start.

Next, segment your audience. Segmentation is the organisation of an audience into different groups based on common qualities like income levels, service needs, interests, or whatever other qualities you deem relevant.

Segmentation allows you to deliver more relevant messaging to your audience, which is a key part of personalisation. Not every message is right for every client, just like every product isn’t right for every client.

Personalisation is an easy way to utilize automation within your practice. It is also a low effort way to add meaningful personal touches to otherwise generic marketing materials. More than anything, the things you share with your client and prospect base should improve the interactions they have with your brand.

I hope you’ve found this post on How Financial Advisors can include Personalisation in Their Marketing useful.

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