How Financial Advisors can use webinars to get more clients

Webinars are a great way to connect and add value to your clients and prospects. Don’t know where to get started? Don’t worry! We’re here to help. In this post, we look at how financial advisors can use webinars to get more clients.

Creating your webinar content

Every financial advisor should have a webinar that talks about what you do and how you help. Think of this as a foundational presentation that paves the way for every other webinar you end up creating, essentially the sales pitch you make to every new prospect you meet. But instead of having to do it in person, you automate it in a digital format where you can pitch it to new prospects 24/7.

Chances are, most of the information you need for a foundational webinar is already on your website. But instead of having people read this info on a web page, they get to hear it directly from you, with your personality and passion shining through.

We recommend going over these topics in your foundational webinar:

  • Who you are and why you’re passionate about financial planning
  • Your ideal client and the types of challenges they face
  • How your firm helps them overcome these challenges
  • Your process and what someone can expect when they work with you
  • What your ideal client can expect their financial situation to look like after they’ve gotten your help
  • A strong call to action inviting them to schedule a complimentary meeting with you

Choose your webinar topic

You talk to clients and prospects day in and day out. What questions do you keep getting over and over again? Maybe they’re concerned with lowering investment fees, minimizing taxes, or passing wealth onto their heirs. You know exactly what it is for your top clients. Think about those questions and jot a few of them down as potential webinar topics you could cover.

Choosing the right topic for your webinar is the key to increasing your conversion rates and driving home more leads. We love webinars for financial advisors because they’re engaging, they’re highly converting, and once created, they give you a way to generate new leads in your sleep. 

We hope you found this post on how Financial Advisors can use webinars to get more clients useful.

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