How Marketing Automation Can Save You Money and Man Hours

For your business, marketing is the beating heart of everything you do. A business could have the best, most revolutionary product in the industry but if no-one knows about it, then it won’t sell.

That said, marketing is often a time and money intensive exercise, especially if you are a smaller concern with limited manpower and resources. There’s a huge amount of competition out there, and it’s often difficult to know if your marketing campaigns and strategies are truly effective. This is where marketing automation can help.

Boost Productivity

Manual marketing often means undertaking repetitive tasks that form core parts of your approach. This doesn’t have to be the case though.

When you automate your marketing efforts, those samey, energy-sucking tasks such as publishing blog posts, sending out transactional emails and scheduling social media updates are all taken care of by in-built, automated processes. This means your team is free to put its energies into other areas that can provide real benefits to the business. When you can save time and boost overall productivity, what’s not to like about an automated marketing solution?

Improve Your Workflow

There are many parts of the marketing process that all depend on an interconnected series of resources like CTAs, forms and landing pages. When these different areas rely on a human hand to keep them in check, error often comes into play. And that can mean costly mistakes and breakdowns in the flow of visitors and conversions.

Marketing automation ensures these breakdowns don’t happen, and the result is all those connected, important assets work together seamlessly. Your workforce benefits from a smooth marketing workflow and your business benefits from a more efficient, joined-up approach.

Increase Revenues

Some businesses might be reticent to go out and invest in marketing automation, seeing it as an expense when they can just have their staff take care of it. But that’s because they haven’t seen the tangible benefits. An up-front investment in marketing automation more than pays for itself in the short-term, and in the long-term, you can realise much-improved revenues for your business.

This increase comes from the fact that automation both frees up your staff to impact your marketing efforts elsewhere, but it also comes from marketing automation’s careful sifting and sorting of key insights into your marketing practices. You can emphasise and promote what works and eliminate what doesn’t – without having to deep-drive into reams of data. It’s all there waiting for you to use.

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