How to attract more prospects to your webinars

Webinars are a fantastic way for financial advisors to add value to prospective clients, demonstrate knowledge and showcase their expertise. They are also cost-effective to run and a very efficient way of communicating with large groups of people. Of course, every successful webinar needs an audience, here I look at how to attract more prospects to your webinars.

Invite Existing Prospects

I recommend that financial advisors keep a log of every new enquiry that they receive. Over time, those who follow this advice will build up a database of people who haven’t yet engaged but would like to.

Everyone in this database should be invited to your webinar so you can continue to demonstrate knowledge and add value until the prospect is ready to engage with you.

Invite existing clients and ask them to bring a friend

Even if your webinar is primarily aimed at converting prospects into new clients, the content might still be relevant to your existing clients. So, invite them and ask them to invite others for whom the content might be useful.

Build databases

The firms that succeed with webinars are those that’ve spent time building databases of prospective clients. As I said in tip #1, this includes everyone who’s enquired. However, it’s important we also find ways to grow the database more quickly.

The best way to do this by running lead magnet campaigns on social media.

These types of campaign see the consumer exchanging data (usually name, email address and telephone number) for an informative asset (guide, quiz, scorecard etc) which adds value.

This process is proven to build databases more quickly than simply recording new enquiries and gives you a larger pool of people to invite to your webinar.

Consequently, lead magnet campaigns should become a key component of your webinar strategy.

Use social media

Promoting your webinar via your social media channels will help you reach people who aren’t on your existing databases.

We all know social media is a noisy and fast-moving place. That means your promotion must be eye-catching and repeated regularly.

It isn’t enough to simply post once, and hope people see it. You need to post multiple times across all relevant social media channels pushing people to your webinar registration page.

Partner with professional connections

It doesn’t just have to be your data you use to fill your webinar

Your professional connections will have databases of clients and prospects, many of whom would make ideal clients for you.

General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) means professional connections can’t simply pass this data to you. However, there are still options:

You could ask your professional connections to invite their existing clients or people on their database. If you’re going to do this, make life easy for them by offering to write the invite and setting up a dedicated registration page, so you can easily see which delegates came from them
It might be more appealing to your professional connection for them to invite people to a webinar on which they’re appearing, so consider running joint webinars with solicitors and accountants
Finally, ask your professional connections if they’d be happy to promote your webinar on their social media channels. This could be done by them writing posts themselves to promote your webinars, or by using content you produce for them. They could also share your posts with their connections.

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