how to improve lead generation via your website

How to improve lead generation through your website

If you’re not generating enough new prospective client leads from your website, it’s clearly a problem. In this post, we look at how to improve lead generation through your website.

The job of your website

Your website should be working for you, not just sitting there looking pretty unless maybe your main focus is client retention. The reality is that your website should be generating leads for your business.

 That’s why in an ever more competitive financial services sector, your website has to be performing in search results and providing the best user experience possible, because that is what will ultimately drive more lead generation.

How to improve your website lead generation


You may have a great story to tell, but is it visible to your prospective clients? Organic search should be an important part of a financial adviser firm’s website performance, as well as a critical component of the prospective client funnel and ultimately getting your website visitors to complete a conversion or engagement. Increasingly, SEO will become even more important to your firm to ensure your online and digital presence builds greater visibility in search results.

To start improving your website’s lead generation rates, these are the main areas you should address:

  • Audit your website, and analyse all of the factors that determine your sites visibility in search engines
  • Research your market online and browse social media to discover what your main competitors are doing successfully
  • Compile a list of relevant keywords for your website to target prospective clients
  • Optimise your content and multimedia according to SEO best practices
  • Publish your optimised content to your website
  • Check your content’s performance every month

Offer something to prospects

How can you generate leads if you don’t have anything of value to offer your prospective clients?
Your website should be full of useful compliant content and resources that they can read online or download, or even refer to a family member or friend.

You should have a wide variety of relevant and informative content that will appeal to your perspective clients depending on where they are in the advice process. 

Have a blog

You can’t generate leads with your website if you don’t have any traffic coming to your website. A blog is the single best way to get traffic – and potential leads – to your website, and every financial services advice firm should have one.

Consider site speed

Speed is another reason for your website to under-deliver when it comes to lead generation. Slow- loading pages can also impact your SEO, which can result in lower rankings, less traffic and fewer leads. That’s why you want to assess not only your site’s SEO but also your website’s speed. From a user perspective, it’s easy to understand why a slow site can decrease your number of leads. Nobody wants to wait for your website to load, no matter how great or beneficial yourservices are.

Optimise contact forms

A valuable prospective client may arrive on your website, view your proposition and services, and decide they want to contact you – until they see your contact form. Whether you’re asking for too much information or providing a broken form, your contact form can make or break lead generation.

I hope you’ve found this post on how to improve lead generation through your website useful.

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