How to sell the value and outcomes of working with you

Sometimes, financial advisors make the mistake of talking too much about things that matter to them, not what matters most to their clients. Navigating an intangible service like financial advising can be difficult, and building a trusting, collaborative relationship is imperative. In this post, I look at how to sell the value and outcomes of working with you.

Right now, there is a big gap with advisors distinguishing themselves on the relationship and service side of things. Advisors don’t typically post their track records and customer testimonials on social media, so prospects are leaning on working relationships, third-party validation, and trust to differentiate advisors.

Show you care about your client and their goals by working hard. Show why it’s important to you that they achieve their life goals.

Go the extra mile on a personal level as well. The better personal relationship you have with clients, the easier it is for them to refer others to you and remain working with you when they have concerns about the economy and life events. Once you establish a trusting relationship, you can move the needle forward by providing an incredible experience that elevates you and the value you offer above other advisors.

How do you do this? Evaluate your website and look at every time you say something similar to any of these statements:

We do….
We help…
We offer…
Services include…

List those sentences on paper and then answer the question, “What value does this offer our clients?”

You want to start sentences with the value and benefits for your clients, and then you can use the factual supporting points of how you do it.

Differentiation is key

As a direct result of the crowded financial sector, differentiation is key to growing your business.

Who is your ideal client?
What is your target market?
Have you had multiple successes with a particular type of client?

Whether you choose a particular occupational niche, target a specific company, or pinpoint individual life transitions and events, people want to know you can specifically help them. The most successful financial advisors target specific markets to build, manage, and optimize portfolios that help achieve compelling outcomes.

If you are an advisor who tries to please everyone, it will be A LOT harder to grow your business than those who say they are not the best for everyone. There is plenty of room for specialized advisors to expand their market share. Look to create digital offerings that convey your ideal client, one of the key benefits of targeting a specialized niche is the opportunity to take advantage of unique marketing channels that may be highly effective at reaching that particular target market.

The more contextual and personalized your message is, the more it will resonate with prospects to start a conversation with you.

When it comes to marketing and advertising, you need to be as specific as possible. This practice will help you maximize the returns on your marketing efforts and spend.

I hope you’ve found this post on how to sell the value and outcomes of working with you useful.

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