How to setup Facebook Ads properly for ebook downloads

We all have heard of Facebook (socially) and the power it can bring to your business is tremendous.  After using Facebook ads for a number of years (through lots of testing and trial & error), I’ve learned how to setup Facebook Ads properly to promote your eBook and the steps required below.

Before you create your first ad, ensure you have your Facebook conversion pixels setup correctly. This will ensure that you get the lowest cost per conversion when Facebook have served your ads.

I’ve used the following ad settings for all my Facebook ads to deliver successful campaigns.

After you’ve clicked on create ad, always select the Increase conversions on your website ad type:

Next select the conversion pixel you want to track the performance of your ads with:

For the next section you’ll have to define your audience. I recommend doing the following:

  • Choose one country only (For example United Kingdom).
  • For the location option, select “People who live in this location”.
  • Select the appropriate age group and gender for your product or service.
  • Select your preferred language, for example English (UK)
  • For detailed targeting, choose a number of interests relevant to your target audience. If I’m promoting a free eBook for small business owners I’ve chosen the Small Business interest. To narrow the audience further I’ve selected those who also read eBooks.
  • Check out the audience insights tool to understand what your target audience looks like. Test different audiences to see which works best.

Given that the majority of Facebook’s users is by mobile, you should target your ads towards these users only. Under placements, select mobile news feeds only:

Next you’ll need to define your budgets. Like with all pay per click advertising it can drain your funds pretty quickly if you are not careful. When testing new ad sets I would recommend keeping the budget low (If your budget is limited). For example I’ve tested ad sets for £5 per day. Once 500 impressions have been reached, Facebook will give you a good indication of how well your ads are performing (Relevance score). All the other settings within the Budgets & Schedule section you can leave as they are.

The above has worked for me to get people to download my free ebook, however it has required a lot of testing to get to this point. I recommend that you understand what your target customer looks like (Customer Persona), this will help you target the correct audience on Facebook.

Setting up Facebook ads correctly is only one aspect of high converting campaigns. As well as identifying the correct audience, you’ll need to ensure the eBook you are giving away will add value to your audience. Your landing page will need to be simple and mobile optimised (Here’s a live example that has worked well for me). Your Facebook ads should be consistent with this too. For example same images and headlines.

Finally all of this will require testing. I recommend running your ads until they have reached 500 impressions. Facebook will then provide you with a Relevance score (1-10). I then recommend trying different images, headlines, ad descriptions etc to see if you can improve the ad performance.

As always if you have any questions or comments let me know below. Good Luck!

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