How To Target Facebook Ads To "Retirement planning" Audience

How To Target Facebook Ads To “Retirement planning” Audience

“Retirement planning” Facebook ads can help you expand brand awareness, increase coverage and bring conversions, only if you choose the right Facebook interests and target your audience accurately. Facebook offers a unique set of values to financial advisors unlike any other online or offline marketing platform available today. Whether your goal is to fill up your next seminar, distribute your latest book, or generate leads for complimentary financial reviews, you can reach a large audience of previously untapped prospects, while generating leads at a great ROI. Here, I look at ‘How To Target Facebook Ads To “Retirement planning” Audience’.

Identify Your Target Audience

Identifying a specific set of Facebook users to display your ad to is critical to achieving meaningful results. Imagine seeing that your ad had 30,000 impressions and was spent through your allocated budget but did not generate a single lead because it was displayed to a young adult audience in the wrong regional market with neither interest nor available net assets for your services. This can actually happen unless you specify a target audience for your ad using the audience customization tools. Here’s a simple, two-step process to get to the pool of highest-qualified potential leads on Facebook.

First, identify your ideal client profile to get a deep understanding of who you want to target. It is a strategy to effectively understand the common traits of your best leads, to identify which of your prospects are higher quality, and which are not. A financial advisor can apply this valuable information to optimize all marketing activities, beyond just identifying the target audience for a Facebook ad.

Tailor Your Message

With your hyper-targeted audience of prospects now established, writing a relevant, creative, and captive ad to display is the next critical step to maximize your returns.

Ad relevance is about tailoring to your prospects’ interests and goals, and it will contribute to a successful advertising campaign.

Creative and captive image and text descriptions are just as important in rounding out a strong Facebook ad. To stand out from the sea of information that floods social media platforms today, having images and texts that clearly communicate the value of your solution is essential. Don’t worry as much about having a short or a lengthy text. Rather, focus on communicating everything that should be by the ad – the what and why. Similarly, the image should either show what the call-to-action is or instill an influential emotion that drives actions.

Learn from the Analytics

Analytics are extremely valuable because you can dissect the data to understand what works, what doesn’t, and how you can make improvements to improve your marketing results as a financial advisor. Facebook as a marketing channel is unlike any other because it allows you to see detailed metrics in real-time while your campaign runs, allowing you to make tweaks and optimizations immediately to the running ad. Snail mail, for example, is one of few other forms of outbound marketing channels to reach untapped prospects, but it doesn’t even come close when it comes to the depth and timeliness of the analytics that you can gain from it.

I hope that you’ve found this post How To Target Facebook Ads To “Retirement planning” Audience useful.

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