How to use LinkedIn Connections in Marketing

Last week, we looked at how to create a LinkedIn Profile that converts. In this post we look at how to use LinkedIn connections in Marketing.

Lots of financial advisers love the idea of having a large network on LinkedIn – running into the thousands, perhaps. Yet as impressive as this sounds, what good does it do for you unless you can put it to good use? Finding a way to do this could make a world of difference to your marketing. Imagine, for instance, turning 10-20% of your 600 prospects on LinkedIn into qualified leads – and then 10-20% of these into profitable, loyal clients.

Connections are key on LinkedIn, but how can you avoid a “scattergun approach” to your connection requests and focus them on a set of users which meet your ideal criteria for location, job role, etc.?

It’s actually quite simple. Log in to your LinkedIn account and navigate to the search bar. From here, try typing in your ideal client by job title – such as “lawyer”. When the next screen emerges, navigate to “People” to bring up the list of top profile results by profession. You can then use the “Filter” to drill the results down further.

Once you’ve built a solid list of connections, I’d also recommend maing sure that you stay in touch with individuals who are interested in your business. When you get involved in LinkedIn, some people may eventually show interest in your business or product. When you make a sale, ask your satisfied customers for referrals or testimonials. If you have good testimonials, ask your customers if you can publish them on your profile. Then everyone who looks at your profile will be able to see them.

Send direct messages to your contacts occasionally. Depending on your relationship with your contacts, you may not want to specifically ask them to buy a product. However, if you have taken the time to develop a relationship with your contacts and you have a good product offer, there is nothing wrong with promoting your products with direct messages.

I hope you’ve found this post on How to use LinkedIn Connections in Marketing useful.

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