How to use LinkedIn Live for your next webinar

LinkedIn Live Events allow users to broadcast live video on their profile, pages, and events. Here, we look at how to use LinkedIn Live for your next webinar.

What are LinkedIn events?

LinkedIn Events are best used for community building and allow you to bring together a curated audience.

You can share your event’s unique URL through your channels, but the live video can only be viewed by event attendees, similar to the way Zoom works. When you go live, all event attendees will receive a notification. After an event, you can easily view the event attendee list.

How to get the most from LinkedIn Events

  • Before the event, collect questions from attendees around the subject.
  • During the event, speaker(s) should ask questions and interact with their audience.
  • After the event, ask attendees for feedback through a post-event survey.
  • The recommended frequency is to stream to an Event up to 4 times per day (if it is a multi-session event).

What are the advantages of LinkedIn Live events?

Everything is in one place

LinkedIn Live Events is that it allows you to house everything on one platform. You can not only create and host the event on LinkedIn, but also promote your event, target your audience, and invite and manage attendees all on one platform. 

Easily manage your attendees and collect leads 

By using a registration form, you can gate your content, which will provide you with pre-filled LinkedIn profile information including name, email, job title, company name, and country. All of which ca be downloaded into a CSV file.

All LinkedIn Live Events are automatically recorded

LinkedIn Live Events are automatically recorded and will remain on your feed as a “previously recorded live”. This makes them easily accessible for anyone who might have missed your live event without you having to do the legwork to make them available.

Targeting is easy

Because your event will be connected with a post on your profile or page you can quickly and easily target your event.

I hope that you have found this post on How to use LinkedIn Live for your next webinar useful.

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