Important Things To Remember When Emailing Prospects

Email is still a main form of communication for personal and business life. Marketing teams for large companies spend a large amount of resources on how to utilise email to generate leads, and so you should too. There are several key aspects that you must get right for successful email threads such as value creation, knowing your audience and the frequency of your emails. In this post, we look at things to consider when emailing prospects.

Value Creation

For emails to become effective for your business, an imperative concept needs to be understood; this is not a one-way street. Businesses often think that emails are an excuse to information dump or push-sell to prospects, but that approach will create disinterested recipients that won’t read your messages. Every time someone opens an email, the question will pop into their mind, “well what’s in it for me?” You need to be providing value with every email sent to your mailing list. This doesn’t necessarily mean giving away huge discounts but you want to provide a good reason to open and engage with your email. Content marketing is a significant trend arising that involves writing articles or creating graphics about relevant topics in the industry.

Know Your Audience

Understanding what your audience wants is vital in every aspect of a business, and particularly with emails. Certain groups of people want to see different things in their inbox and it is important to do your research on this. Segmenting your mailing lists into different categories will help you as well. How old is the prospect? Approximately what is their net worth? What is their family size? These are all details that must be addressed and can help you customize certain emails and what you would include in them.


Frequency is also something to remember here, older generations don’t want to be constantly bothered by one source, especially considering that they will check their email less. Millennials and centennials want to see active engagement from companies, as loyalty is built over time.

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