Is offline marketing still relevant for Financial Advisors?

As digital technology has rapidly advanced over the last few years for financial advisors, so too has the marketing landscape. Thirty years ago, few would have anticipated a world filled with social media, smartphones, and novel marketing approaches such as SEO and PPC. As these have pervaded and developed, many financial firms are left wondering: is offline marketing still relevant for Financial Advisors?

The impact of COVID-19

COVID-19 has intensified many of these questions as UK financial advisors – who are traditionally used to meeting potential clients face-to-face – have been forced to work from home due to government restrictions. As a result, those businesses without even a basic digital presence have suffered to their competition. In the wake of the new normal, many clients may opt for video calls over face-to-face meetings. However, we believe that there is still a case for offline financial marketing. The traditional forms of marketing in financial services are not, in themselves, obsolete. Rather, it’s the marketing strategy, goals, and context which matter most.

What types of offline marketing are available to Financial Advisors?

For financial advisors, the most relevant example of offline marketing is referrals, where a current client will have a conversation with a friend, colleague, or family member and suggest they approach their own adviser regarding their financial issue.

Other common forms of offline marketing might include printed brochures, which could be posted to prospects or handed out during the first meeting. Leaflets, compliment slips, and other office stationery (e.g. branded cups and pens) may also be an important part of the client’s brand experience, particularly whilst on-premises. Finally, events might come under the banner of “offline marketing”.

Offline marketing helps to make your business feel real to the client, giving them greater assurance that you are going to deliver on what you have promised. Make sure you invest in these assets properly, therefore, and do not cut corners with the design and quality.

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