Powerful CTA's for Financial Advisor Websites

Powerful CTA’s for Financial Advisor Websites

Your website’s “Call-To-Action,” or CTA for short, is considered one of the most important parts of your marketing strategy. It is the motivator and the extra nudge that encourages your audience to start an interaction with you and your firm. Whether it means downloading a free offer such as an eBook, or signing up for a newsletter, when done correctly, your site’s CTA’s can have a large impact on your firm’s ability to generate new leads. Here, I look at powerful CTA’s for financial advisor websites.

Think of the CTA as your hook

With engaging text and compelling graphics, the CTA is strategically written and placed to entice, reassure, and convince prospects to take the next step. Ultimately, a strong CTA will help convert your prospects into new clients.

What is considered a ‘good’ CTA?

A strong CTA should be…

  • Straightforward
  • Focused on benefits
  • Action-oriented
  • Easy to see
  • Easy to do    

Consider language and location

Sign-up, subscribe, learn more, or try free -CTAs all serve a purpose with language that is crafted, tested, and more fine-tuned than ever. Your website should have CTAs in all the right places, which means in every message you produce and especially where you get the most traffic, such as:

  • Landing Pages
  • Website Copy
  • Blogs
  • Emails and Newsletters
  • Social Media
  • Advisor Bios

I hope that you have found this post on Powerful CTA’s for Financial Advisor Websites useful.

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