Reasons why your lead gen isn’t effective

How can you generate more leads? It’s a challenge all financial advisors face. To be successful when it comes to lead gen, you need to check you’re getting the basics right. Try and spot where there may be room for improvement and look at ways you can better optimize and refine what you’re doing. In this post, we look at Reasons why your lead gen isn’t effective.

You’re aiming at the wrong people

Do you truly understand who your audience is and what their pain points are? You will never be successful if there is a mismatch between who you’re aiming at and who is the best fit for your service. Revisit your buyer personas. Make sure they are detailed and up-to-date. Check you have them in mind when you plan and produce your marketing plans and content.

You’re not providing the right info at the right time

Buyers require different things at different times. Someone at the beginning of the sales process will want something very different from someone nearing the end. If you instantly go in with the heavy sales pitch, you’re just going to put them off.

You need to get in front of them early on in the sales process, with content that educates and informs them on a problem they may be experiencing. Then to start nurturing them along with more in-depth content, until they’re heading towards making a purchasing decision. That’s when they’ll want things like case studies and free demos, and to learn more about you as a company.

Your communication is inconsistent and unclear

People do business with people, so how you communicate is really important. Even if you operate in a highly technical area, you need to be speaking in clear and understandable language. You need to present information attractively and to cut out the fluff and waffle. Take a step back and look at how your company is presenting itself. Assess your website, online content and all other marketing materials.

What’s the overall picture and impression that is being given? Is your messaging and style consistent? Are you always concise and clear? Are things properly linked together and do you help guide visitors along a logical path, with next steps mapped out for them? How you communicate suggests what it may be like to work with you.

Your activity isn’t tailored enough

If you’re sending the same email to everyone in your database, or providing just one broad offer to try and generate conversions, then your take up is likely to be limited. The more tailored and personal you can make your content and messaging, the more effective your activity is going to be. At the other end of the scale, the broader you go and the more scattergun your approach is, the more likely you are to be seen as an annoying spammer. It may take longer to do, but your results will be far better.

You also don’t have to use every channel going. Select the ones which will be the best fit for your target audience and invest in doing them really well, rather than trying to do everything and doing it poorly.

It’s all about you and not about them

You may want to shout about how great your product is and what it can do, but now is not the time. Lead generation needs to be all about the target audience, not about your company and what it offers. Forget trying to sell and instead focus on offering content that will educate, inform and entertain. Brainstorm topics that will be relevant and of value to your target audience/s – bearing in mind the point above that leads will want different things at the different stages of the sales process.

Look at your website, has it been designed with visitors and their needs in mind, or is it just a glorified brochure? No one has time to waste digging around for the info they want. If a competitor answers their need instantly, they’ll be gone.

Your timing is out

Is each stage of the sales process fully optimized, so things happen when they need to? Have you worked out workflows and are you using automation to help you nurture leads? There is often a short window within which you need to act to effectively hook a lead. You want to be grabbing their interest, then following up in a timely manner. It doesn’t take long for a contact to forget you and move on, meaning all your hard work will be wasted.

You’re expecting to see results too quickly

Don’t write off an activity until you’re sure you’ve executed it properly and given it enough time to work. Lead generation approaches, such as content marketing, take considerable time to get up and running. But it’s not about rushing to get loads and loads of content out, quality will always win over quantity. The more quality content you produce, the quicker you’ll start to see results. Sharing one blog a month is unlikely to get you much traction any time soon.

What you’re ultimately aiming to do is to build up an online profile, which shows you as a leading voice in a particular sector. You’ll achieve this by creating a library of strong content, with core pieces.

We hope that you’ve found this post on Reasons why your lead gen isn’t effective useful.

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