Social selling and Financial Advisors

When used well, social selling can be a powerful lead generation tool. But what exactly is social selling? Is it the same as social media advertising or social media marketing? In this post, I look at social selling and financial advisors.

What is social selling?

Social selling is the process of building powerful relationships with qualified leads on social media by understanding their needs and providing them with valuable content that helps them make informed buying decisions. You then become their go-to alternative when they are ready to buy.

Can you just post a few articles or share something related to the services you provide and call it social selling? No. Just like you do with your traditional sales approach, you need to build your social selling strategy and have clearly defined goals in order for it to work well.

How can you start building your social selling strategy? It depends on which social media platforms you’re using. LinkedIn is a great place to start.

Using LinkedIn for Social Selling

Did you know LinkedIn users are 11 times more likely to engage with professional content than users of any other social network? If you want to start social selling on their, try the following techniques:

  • Joining the conversation: Engage with your existing contacts and join groups to meet new people. Like their posts, comment on them, and stay present.
  • Expanding your network: Take full advantage of LinkedIn’s advanced search. You can use filters like job titles, locations, and more to locate the target audience you’d like to connect with. You can also leverage your connection’s network by asking them to make an introduction to someone you’d like to connect with
  • Building your credibility: Share articles that you have written and ask others to endorse you for your skills. These are two simple ways to tell others that you are knowledgeable about your industry. Don’t forget to join LinkedIn groups to meet like-minded people.

I hope you’ve found this post on social selling and financial advisors useful.

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