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Social trends all Financial Advisors need to take notice of

Let’s face facts, social media isn’t going anywhere. For businesses, the benefits of social are endless: new business growth, increased competitive advantage, and an improved bottom line to name a few. For Financial Advisors, social media provides a unique opportunity to connect with clients and prospects. Here, I look at the social trends all financial advisors need to take notice of.

Social Selling

According to a report published by LinkedIn, 92% of financial advisors who use social media for business say social media has helped them gain new clients – a stat that’s hard to ignore.

To be successful, Financial Advisors need to engage in social listening to understand the pain points of their audience, trending topics, influencers, and conversations that they can leverage to showcase their expertise and provide value. Financial advisors can leverage this type of information to start a conversation and build meaningful, long-lasting relationships.

Use data wisely

With in-depth reporting and analytics, advisors can quickly identify gaps and use clear, actionable insights to make improvements to their content. Insights like sentiment analysis, effectiveness of content, and sales activity will give provide an opportunity to make adjustments where needed.

Get creative

Financial Advisors are being forced to create content that fits organically onto platforms such as TikTok and Pinterest. Audiences commonly feel oversaturated by advertising, so, in order to succeed in the world of social media in 2022, ads will need to fit so seamlessly into the rest of the content, that audiences don’t even notice they are there.

I hope that you’ve found this post on social trends all financial advisors need to take notice of useful.

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