Strategies to Generate Leads on Facebook in iOS 14

Apple’s iOS 14.5 privacy update has had an industry-wide impact on businesses that use web conversion events to optimize, target, and report using Facebook’s business tools, such as the Facebook Pixel. The update has allowed users to opted out of having their activity tracked across other companies’ apps and websites, thus preventing marketers from sending personalized advertising to those who have opted out. In this post, we look at strategies to generate leads on Facebook in iOS 14.

How to generate leads on Facebook in iOS 14

Facebook Ads will remain an effective advertising channel for Financial Advisors if you rethink your current strategies and best practices.

If you plan to use Facebook Advertising as a lead driver and revenue generator, the following four steps will be vital to running conversion campaigns due to Apple’s upcoming AppTrackingTransparency framework for iOS 14.5 users.

1. Complete domain verification to configure pixel conversion events for Aggregated Event Measurement

Aggregated Event Measurement is a new Facebook tool that “processes pixel conversion events from iOS devices” in compliance with Apple’s new policy while ensuring advertisers can still run effective campaigns. This tool can only be accessed once your domain is verified.

As a new best practice for all businesses, you must complete domain verification. Domain verification is a way for you to claim ownership of your domain in Business Manager.

2. Prioritize the Eight Conversion Events That Are Most Important to Your Business

Once domain verification is complete, you must use the Aggregated Event Measurement tool within Events Manager to set up the events that you want to track and their corresponding priorities. As a reminder, events allow Facebook’s machine learning to better target, optimize, and measure campaign performance.

With the Aggregated Event Measurement tool, Facebook is requiring you to define up to eight conversion events, whether standard events or custom conversions, per domain (this includes subdomains) and to put them in order of priority.

When it comes to prioritizing the events, you are going to put the most valuable action first and the least valuable action last. When a user completes multiple actions within a conversion window, only the highest priority event will be counted, and the conversions for the lower-prioritized events will not be counted.

If your campaigns are currently optimizing for over eight events across the same domain, make it a priority to strategize and select the eight events you will optimize for moving forward. If you are currently operating under the limit of eight events, then prioritizing your events is quite simple.

3. Understand how reporting changes will affect your ability to measure success and optimize your campaign

There are new reporting limitations that you should note, as they may affect how you measure campaign success and optimize campaign performance.

Delayed reporting:

Data may be delayed up to 3 days, which could severely impact optimizing short-run campaigns. Another key difference is that conversions will now be reported at the time the conversion actually happened, instead of getting attributed to the last ad impression or click.

Estimated results:

Statistical modeling may be used to account for conversions from iOS 14 users.

4. Identify new campaign strategies and best practices

By being limited to only eight events, it’s a good time to think outside the box as to how you can optimise conversions. Think about testing and targeting. Take advantage of the most available data by using customer list custom audiences to build remarketing and lookalike audiences with website audiences using the pixel.

I hope that you’ve found this post on strategies to generate leads on Facebook in iOS 14 useful.

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