The essential elements of a marketing plan for Financial Advisors

Business development is critical for any financial advisor – more business means a bigger bottom line. If you are a financial advisor wishing to expand your business, you need a robust marketing plan. It is time you start thinking outside the box and explore digital marketing strategies. Your prospective clients are going digital, and you should take your business to where your prospects are. In this post, we look at the essential elements of a marketing plan for Financial Advisors.

The essential elements

There are four essential elements any financial advisors marketing plan should include:

  1. Website & Landing Pages

Whether you create a landing page or a website for your advisory firm, it will work as a ground zero to divert all your traffic. Just imagine, without a landing page or a website, where are your potential clients going to learn about your services?

Your website will work as the first impression of your financial advisory services. It will enable you to capture leads and turn them into clients. Add compelling aspects to your website, such as video content about yourself, which is a great way to engage your target audience.

  1. Social media

If you are of a mindset that social media presence is not for financial advisors, you need to think again. In today’s world, whether it is financial services or selling goods, every business needs a strong social media presence.

A noteworthy presence on social media is critical to building brand awareness and trust. If you want to stay relevant and boost your referrals, be social, and create a robust social media strategy.

  1. Mobile responsive websites

Almost everyone owns a smartphone these days; therefore, optimising your website, landing pages, and financial blogs for mobile should be your top priority. Ignoring it is not an option if you wish your digital marketing efforts to pay off.

  1. Consider your goals

Be smart about the goals and objectives of your digital marketing plan. You must set goals that are specific, measurable, achievable, time-related, and relevant. You must benchmark your achievements to your competitors and make sure that your marketing plan is more effective than theirs.

There are five key points you must focus on when establishing your goals:

  • Increase in sales
  • Improving your sales conversion rate
  • Percentage of repeat customers or return visitors to your website
  • Organic /Natural traffic volume of your website
  • Reduced bounce rate, i.e., people landing on your website and leaving without buying

We hope you have found this post on the essential elements of a marketing plan for Financial Advisors useful.

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