The Importance of Calls to Action for Financial Advisors

So your website is perfect, you’re using social media and search to gain traffic, and yet the conversion rate is still disappointing. What more is there to do? Have you created a strong call-to-action (CTA). When executed correctly, a CTA can give visitors an extra nudge to get more information about your business, and if done right, can turn that traffic into prospects and clients. In this post, I look at The Importance of Calls to Action for Financial Advisors.

The purpose of any CTA is to convince visitors to engage with your brand. CTAs can help determine how many people are actually interested in your service and can help you reach them individually.

As a financial advisor, you probably have clients who are referred to your site in some way but may not yet be ready to engage your services just yet. If you can engage those visitors through your blog, sign up to receive your emails or download a white paper, you can keep your business front of mind for them. This way, when they ARE ready to work with a financial advisor, your firm will be the one that comes to mind first.

CTAs should always be benefit-centric, NOT feature-centric. If you make your CTA sound like too much of a sales ploy, it can make the potential client loose trust in your firm. You should always emphasize what the lead is gaining from taking the action. Overall, a good CTA should be:


Stress the benefits to the user

Visually eye-catching that compels the visitor to take action

Located in an easy to find spot

Action-oriented using verbs like “download” or “register”

Large enough to see but not too distracting

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