The key features every Financial Advisor website should include

Simply put, your website is your shop window. Through a website, prospects have the ability to evaluate and eliminate financial advisors even before even speaking with them. Your website provides an opportunity to tailor your story, to control the narrative and connect with prospects. In this post, we look at the key features every Financial Advisor website should include.

Does your content answer questions?

Does your content answer questions? Because it should do.

Make sure your website provides prospects answers to these four evaluation questions:

Do you help people like me?
Can I trust you?
How will you help me?
What’s the process of working together?

Include a call-to-action on each webpage. This call-to-action is a key element, acting as a signpost to let prospects know what to do next. Give people a clear pathway to the next step in working with you. Don’t make it hard for them to find your contact information.

Make your about us, about you

Your about us page is important. Prospects are extremely interested you and your team. The about us page help visitors get to know you and your team on a more personal level and are is great starting point for building long-term relationships.

Make sure to explain why the company exists, how it was formed and the ways your team works together. How do you hire your employees? Don’t forget to include a team picture.

Don’t forget the basics

Your website needs to include the basic fundamentals:

Easy to navigate and user-friendly website
Readable font size
Responsive website design
Secure website

Ensure your website is safe and secure by setting up a SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) certificate. A SSL certificate, also called a digital certificate, creates a secure link between the website and a visitor’s browser. This connection ensures that all data passed between the two remains private and secure. The encryption prevents hackers from stealing information. It is this attention to detail that prospects notice and appreciate.

We hope you have found this post on the key features every Financial Advisor website should include useful.

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