The Marketing Collateral Every Financial Advisor Needs

Every Financial Advisor needs a fundamental set of marketing materials to communicate with clients and prospects. This is commonly referred to collectively as “marketing collateral”. In this post, I look at the Marketing Collateral every Financial Advisor needs.

Before we start, it’s important to note that marketing collateral isn’t just sales material (e.g. a procure or paid for Facebook Ad). It’s a form of communication that helps a customer decide whether to buy from you. It also helps current clients to decide whether or not to stay loyal to you, or forsake your value proposition for that of a competitor. But what are the most important types of collateral to include in your marketing mix?

  1. Website

Some financial advisers are under the impression that they do not really need a website for their business. After all, most of their new clients come through referrals – not online enquiries. However, this approach will only get you so far before your sales pipeline is put under strain.

These days, customers want to be able to educate themselves about a product, service or company online before reaching out to the latter. This requires a compelling financial website with a great brand, engaging content and a user experience that is second to none to generate awareness, interest and engagement.

2. Company Brochure

At some point, most financial advisers hope to get a potential client sitting down in front of them for a consultation. This is the opportunity for each party to determine mutual suitability, and for the adviser to pitch themselves to the prospect.

To give them that added confidence that you are credible and have the means to help them, it helps to have a beautiful and engaging brochure to give them. Not only does this act as a useful reference point in the meeting itself, but having something physical for the prospect to hold in their hands creates a stronger feeling that “this is real/trustworthy”.

3. Email newsletter

Email is still one of the best marketing tools available to financial advisers . People across age groups and other demographics rely on it for daily communication, and so presenting clients and prospects with a great newsletter is the perfect way to build trust and engage them.

4. Social Media

Unless you’re new to L2W Digital, you’ll already know that we’re big on social media.

These days, most customers will expect businesses to have at least some kind of social media presence. This helps to show the prospect that there are multiple ways of communicating with the business, and reassures them that they are “keeping up with the modern world”.

A good starting point for financial advisers is to consider setting up a business page on Facebook and LinkedIn – ensuring the information and branding is included correctly. From there, consider posting once a week and monitoring the engagement in case anyone comments/messages you with an enquiry.

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