TikTok for Financial Advisors

TikTok’s app is used by nearly a billion users every day, 70% of whom are under 24 years old. With such a large audience, the content people share and watch is incredibly diverse. TikTok isn’t just the place for dance challenges and funny videos: it’s also an incredible tool for bite-sized learning and picking up life skills. As the older half of Gen Z grows up and enters the workforce, they’re interested in personal finance, banking, mortgages, and even investment. We’ve seen a jump in finance content on TikTok, with advisors joining the action. We’re also seeing ‘fin-influencers’ emerge: influencers who focus on personal finance, money management, or investment-themed content. In this post, we look at TikTok for Financial Advisors.

How can TikTok work for Financial Advisors

Gen Z is an audience deeply interested in engaging with financial advice: being digital natives they’re more open to relying on technology for integral services like banking. They also show highlight a strong case for fintech brands to reach Gen Z on TikTok: the network most heavily skewed to a younger demographic. Gen Z is already using TikTok to learn about topics including finance, so why should financial advisors miss out? What’s more, there is a huge 989.3 million views attributed to the #finance hashtag on TikTok and thousands of ‘financial’ series and content that have Gen Z coming back for more. 

The rise of the ‘fin-fluencer’

Influencers are essential to content discovery and promotion on TikTok. They span a diverse range of topics including everything from cooking and beauty to personal finance and investment. For those all-crucial influencer partnerships, there’s a diverse range of finance influencers advisors can choose to work with.

The lesson here? There’s never been a better time for financial advisors to debut on TikTok. Influencer partnerships mean that you can strike the right tone from your very first video – and you can use influencers’ reach to boost your own.

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