Tools and Tactics for a Successful Lead Generation Campaign

One of the most significant changes in marketing over the last couple of years has come about because of audience expectations.

Internet users and consumers, in general, have become much more savvy about marketing, and they know when someone is trying to sell them something. But that isn’t the issue – we all know that businesses and brands want our attention. The difference is that today’s audiences expect you to earn their time and money, not buy it with blunt, unsophisticated marketing. While this might seem like a big task, a few tools, tactics and a repositioning of your marketing approach can make it much easier to cater to this outlook.

Top-tier content is still vitally important to your marketing efforts, but the voice and the approach you use needs to offer something of value and engage your target audience – not just bash them over the head with sales tactics. That’s why we’ve put together this piece, showing you the best tools and strategies to employ for a successful lead generation campaign.


Platforms like LeadQuizzes offer an engaging method for users to gain some value from you, and they provide your business with lots of leads already invested in what you have to offer.

It takes some creativity to create a quiz that will entice people to try it, but quizzes based on testing knowledge and establishing personality traits always go down well. This type of lead generation tool taps directly into people’s want for engaging, interactive content and, when they’re finished, they need to input their email address to see the results. Your approach should offer users some kind of important outcome, though – something that will show them why they need your product or service. They’re more likely to remain a viable prospect if you give them something quantifiable they can understand. Otherwise, they may just unsubscribe and drop out of your pool of potential leads.

Lead generation quizzes are compelling to users, and they provide a healthy return for your marketing efforts, and that’s not something to miss out one.


HubSpot offers a comprehensive roster of tools that make it easier to track lead behaviour and touch points across various platforms – social media, email, website and more. It’s more of a holistic, integrated lead platform than a simple tool, and it can bring a range of benefits to your lead generation campaigns.

The platform has inbuilt CRM, which enables you to see how your leads are behaving at various points in the conversion process, even allowing you to set up alerts for when leads move into critical stages of the progression.

HubSpot also allows you to put automated alerts and tasks on the board, so your sales team knows when to act on specific leads. This gives your team the ability to see all relevant details on a lead’s behaviour and act with knowledge when it comes time to reach out to that prospect. You can keep track of what’s working and what isn’t, shaping your approach with real insight.

Use Lead Magnets

The issue many businesses face when trying to turn visitors into leads is that they can’t capture the pieces of information they need. Many visitors and prospects are reticent to hand over their email address at first because many brands take this as a sign to spam them to death. So, what this means is that you need to provide something of value to visitors and, in return, they’ll feel more engaged and comfortable handing over their email address – in short, a lead magnet.

Many people find themselves swamped with emails from companies they only showed a passing interest in, and this is where you need to differentiate your brand. What this entails is providing a quid-pro-co arrangement where you offer value – free content, e-books, webinars and so forth – in return for a visitor’s details.

Lead magnets work well because the visitor is getting something of value – it should be something that points out the value of your business – and they know they’re engaging with a brand that has something to offer.

Use Your Landing Pages

Oddly, landing pages often go neglected by many businesses. Many see them as necessary, functional places but not much else. But to ignore the power and impact of your landing pages is to miss out on a huge lead generation asset.

Landing pages serve a couple of different purposes, they capture leads, and they also act as a priming area for potential conversions. These are both hugely important functions, and they’re the place you start the visitor on their journey down the sales funnel. How you subsequently help them along this journey goes back to the point above about providing value via lead magnets.

The key to forming effective landing pages is having a targeted focus. Landing pages exist to put a particular product in front of a visitor, and you need to make the most of this. This means using tight, focused language and a compelling, singular call to action. It’s also important to link the landing page content to the offer that enticed the visitor there in the first place. This means matching design and style across ads and landing page designs for a seamless, smooth transition from one place to the next. The idea is to keep the visitor in the same zone and frame of mind they were in when they clicked through to the landing page, ensuring the journey from visitor to prospect to conversion is one continuous, flowing process.

The Final Word

A lead generation campaign is never an easy task – it requires a vast amount of planning, thought and modulation. Many businesses just don’t have the time, or in the case of smaller concerns, the workforce, to run a comprehensive campaign from start to finish.

In cases like this, a professional third-party can make all the difference. L2W Digital offers an expert, technology-driven lead generation service to deliver the best possible results. Contact L2W Digital today to find out how they could help you formulate a powerful, targeted lead campaign that could make a real difference to your business.

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