Website launch checklist for Financial Advisors

New year, new website? We understand that most financial advisors have little or no experience with website design, which can make updating your current site or creating a brand new one a very daunting idea. Here, we look at a website launch checklist for financial advisors.

Add a website title

Your website’s homepage is by far the most heavily weighted page on your entire website. Therefore, it’s crucial you choose a standout title for your new website. The title of your website will appear in search results, browser bars and form notifications. We get it – coming up with a website title can be a scary thing to do. This is the first thing prospects will see when they land on your website.

Add Page Titles

Title tags appear at the top of the browser that you are using, and it is important to both user experience and SEO. Adding and customizing your page titles will not only give site visitors more information but doing so can also help give search engines like Google more information about the pages on your site and the information they contain.

Ensure all pages include Metadata

Meta descriptions explain to search engines and searchers what your site is about. Including compelling meta descriptions on your site can oftentimes be the determining factor if someone clicks on your site or not from the SERP (search engine results page), especially if you’re including keywords the searcher is looking for.

Add Analytics

Tracking and monitoring your website analytics is crucial and is the foundation of a performance-driven website. Google Analytics offers users a huge amount of data and can easily be integrated into your website.

Test, test and test again

When your website is performing well, it will help grow your business exponentially. However, without the use of analytics and testing, you will never know how your website is performing and how to improve your site’s performance. Testing your website before launching is incredibly important in order to find any issues and fix any bugs that could potentially harm the user experience.

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